habanera morte


Hello all. I’m going to keep this short as I’m working on a bazillion things at once. I got some goodies from {ViVi} the lovely Heather hair and the brand spanking new floral lace leggings which are compatible with almost every attachment or mesh body that you can think of, so you can still keep your curves while rocking a mesh body. Anywho hope you like, creds are below 🙂

♥habanera morte huggies from Ema♥

Habanera Morte is wearing:

Hair: {ViVi} Heather – LFE (limited edition) (comes with HUD to change flower & veil colour)
Hairbase: Paperbag. – Twigs 2 (my favorite!) 
Eyes: Candy Mountain – My Dear – Silver (love these!)
Skin: Essences – Ingrid – Pale 01
Makeup: Pink Acid – Electric – Blood red lipstick
Tattoo: Letis – Bohemian (comes with Slink, Belleza, Phatazz and other appliers)
Top: Cain – Choker Top (comes with HUD)
Nails: alaskametro– Metallic pack – Vamp/silver (for Slink only) 
Gloves: Dark Cat – Gloves (Slink compatible, comes with HUD) 
Skirt: AngelRED – Axis – Black
Leggings: {ViVi} Floral lace – Red (NEW) (comes with appliers for Slink, Phatazz, Cuteazz, Wowmeh, Lena and also comes with Omega via multi-HUD)
Shoes: .Enfant Terrible. – Wrapped shoes – Red (for Slink medium feet)


beyond the sea

Hello all. It is my first post of 2015, yay and stuff / I’m going to keep this short as I am having a belated New Year’s celebration of sorts and am a bit tipsy. I will say that I drew inspiration for this blog from the Twigs hairbase from Paperbag. which had a sort of tentacles look to it, so I threw in some Octopus accessories and nautical flavours courtesy of Biscuit, Zombie Suicide and Kio-Kio and voilà. Anywho that’s it for now, creds are below. *walks away whistling Beyond the Sea*

♥beyond the sea huggies from Ema♥

Beyond the Sea is wearing:

Hair Accessory: Kio-Kio – Siren’s Song hair clip
Hair: (Chemistry) Vines – Reds
Hairbase: Paperbag. Twigs 2 (tintable)
Makeup: .random.Matter. Gothique – Lipstick – Mercury
Skin: [Chickadee] Rea – Nude
Nails & Fingers [Ni.Ju] – Smudgy fingers (comes with HUD for Slink nails & hands)
Jewelry: Choker: E.z’s – Heirloom – Lady Grimm – Black / Necklace: :Z.S: Octo – Bronze (comes with HUD)
Sweater: Madison Store – Esther – Print (comes with texture change HUD)
Skirt: even.flow – Basic – Midnight
Socks: Muka – Thigh socks – Patterns (also compatible with Slink Physique, Belleza & Phatazz) (comes with HUD)
Shoes: Biscuit – Octo shoes (comes with HUD)

Poses: HelaMiyo – Dystopian – Pose 1,2 & 4 (part of set)

every day is green day :3

Hello all. I have a mini postie of sorts, not what I usually do but I learned that Green Day is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it made me feel both old and proud that I grew up listening to them and it really rekindled my love of the band in general. Whether it’s the old stuff like Minority, Basket Case, Brain Stew, Warning or Good Riddance or the newer stuff like Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns or American Idiot, every day for me will always be Green Day. Anywho before I forget I also wanted to focus on the cute and incredibly awesome free gift from .tsg. a set of elf ears compatible with both the Mizu and Tsu mesh head. I fell in love with them and you will be seeing them again. I am wearing the Sad version of the ears, there are six versions to choose from with or without blush, they are available as a free update in the mainstore. All creds are below, later :3  *leaves singing Brain Stew and dancing around*

♥green day huggies from Ema♥

Every Day is Green Day is wearing:

Hair: little bones. Poser – Reds
Eyes: Coca & Wolf – Devil eyes – Black
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Ears: .tsg. Elf Ears (NEW) (FREE UPDATE)
Shirt: DR – Green Day tribute shirt

how many combos challenge – look no. 5

Halloo all. It has been a long while since I blogged, my RL has been hectic but the frenzy has finally died down and I can devote time to blogging again. I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday. I have some cuteness courtesy of the ever talented, Mama Toast of .:Buttery Toast:. and her Dream Chaser rocket backpack which flew me to the moon and back, that’s how awesome it is! It comes with a HUD of course, so you can change the colours of the straps, stars, the window and the rocket itself. This adorable backpack will be available at the OneWord event which begins on January 1st and ends on the 15th, the theme this round is dream. This is also my fifth and last How Many Combos Challenge look which is a personal challenge I started a while back. I’m stoked that I actually made it to my goal, which was five. Anywho, hope you like, make sure you check out the OneWord event, all details are below, see you later :3

♥dreamy combo huggies from Ema♥

How Many Combos Challenge Look No. 5 is wearing:

Hair: little bones. Eden – Reds (comes with HUD to change hair and flower colour)
Eyes: Candy Mountain – My Dear – Silver (I know I wear these a lot but I love them!)
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Hoodie + Shirt: {N} Hoodie & T-Shirt – White (texture shown is from Add-On hud, comes with own HUD as well)
Necklace: !TLB – Bottlecap necklace – Grimm Heart
Backpack: .:Buttery Toast:. Dream Chaser (comes with HUD to change colour of straps, stars, window & rocket) (NEW) @ OneWord
Skirt: .:FI:. Wicked skirt – Black
Socks: Muka – Thigh Socks – Patterns (comes with HUD to wear with any Slink shoe and is Physique and Phatazz compatible)
Shoes: Mag<3 B. – Lovely Pumps (comes with HUD) (NEW) 

how many combos challenge – look no. 4


Hellur all. It’s time to continue my how many combos challenge. I’m at look No. 4 which is inspired by my love of retro games and the 80’s. This time I used the {N} Hoodie + Shirt in Black, paired it with the Nancy pants and boots from EMPORIUM which are new at The Showroom and for that LSE I wore some 3D shades from [ Byte ] , the Hurt hair from little.bones a earlier group gift and some Gothic gloves from Dark Cat. Hope you likes, one more look to go, making it to five is my goal, wish me luck and on a last note, the 80’s was the most over-the-top, sometimes campy, bigger is better, gnarly and awesome decade of all time and my love for it is deep, though I was born at the end of the 80’s and missed out on nearly all of it. I got hand-me-down memories in a way, grew up watching 80’s cartoons, thinking they were new, had 80’s toys as well as of course 90’s (90’s kid and proud) toys. I love the pop, the insane fashion, the music that was a definite departure from the earlier music of the 60’s and 70’s and finally the one and only, burnt mofo that defines the 80’s for me, Freddy Krueger :3 All details are below, have a tubular Tuesday.

♥80’s loving huggies from Ema♥

Hair: little bones. Hurt – Hot Mess (previous group gift)
Glasses: [ Byte ] 3D glasses
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Hoodie & Shirt: {N} Hoodie + Shirt – Black
Gloves: .:Dark Cat:. Gothic gloves – Glove 5 (Slink compatible)
Pants & Boots: EMPORIUM – Nancy pants + Boots (comes with HUD) (NEW) @ The Showroom

zombie reindeer

Hello all. I’m going to keep this short because I got another blog in the works. This look is by three things, my love of Tim Burton, my love of the Kemono body and M3 head and finally my own twisted, imagination :3 Hope you like, all details are below.

♥zombie reindeer huggies♥

Zombie Reindeer is wearing:

Antlers: DRD – Burton frost
Hair: V!V – Jewel Princess – Kiki – Style A (only for M3 and Kemono head)
Head: <UTILIZATOR> M3 Head
Body: <UTILIZATOR> Kemono body
Skin: -TSH- Rin – Pastel Zombie – Pink
Armwarmers, Claws & Legwarmers: Krankhaus – Creep – Monochrome
Dress: Alyce – Kemono maid dress (comes with HUD to change colours)

yuletide magic


Hello all, this post is getting to you later than I had intended but I’m battling a cold and my brain function is just no bueno now. So I’m going to keep this short, let the picture speak for itself, all details are below, have a serene Sunday :3

♥yuletide magic huggies from Ema♥

Yuletide Magic is wearing:

Bow: .:Buttery Toast:. Magic Girl bow – Red (comes with HUD to change colours of smaller bow and choose between gold and silver stars)
Hair Accessory: .Sweet Thing. Shooting Star hair-clip
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^]  Hanako – Pink set (comes with HUD)  
Eyes: INSITU – MiruMiru – Yellow
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Jewelry: Earrings, Bracelet & Necklace – .Sweet Thing.  Strawberry Melty Moon earrings & necklace, Starshine charm bracelet / Pearl necklace & bracelet: Lazuri – Classic pearls (click to change colours) 
Gloves: {ViVi} Fuzzy gloves – red (compatible with Slink hands, also comes with cuff) 
Dress: Bowtique – Candy (comes with texture change HUD for top, skirt and bow) 
Socks: MUKA – Thigh Socks – Pattern (comes with HUD to work with all Slink feet, the Physique as well as Belleza and Phatazz) 
Shoes: .Sweet Thing. Your Grace heels – Red (comes with HUD) 

i mustache you a question…but i’ll shave it for later


Hello all! BOO I’m back again :3 I am taking another detour from my how many combos challenge and bringing you some mustachioed cuteness. First the adorable Carcue hat in pink from Atik which I scooped up at Suicide Dollz and paired with the Lovestruck hair from little bones. which is a new group gift available at the main store along with some other fabulous gifties. I wore the Mostacho green sweater from Onigiri paired it with the Sir kawaii micro skirt from .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. and for that LSE I wore the monocle and mustache combo from Strawberry Jam, the black mustache ring from ..:YoPulga:.. (part of a set) and finally the toeless sheer tights from Izzie’s which I paired with the Haidi heels from *CK* And voilà I was a quirky sophisticate in my proud mustache. Anywho that’s all for now (for real this time) Later, alligator and if you happen to have a mustache, just revel in the knowledge that not everyone can grow a mustache, it’s a gift that resides under your nose :p

♥mustachio huggies from Ema♥

Mustache You a Question is wearing:

Hat: Atik – Carcue – Pink (NEW) @ Suicide Dollz
Monocle & Mustache: Strawberry Jam – + or ? – Milkpois – Black (part of set with different colours)
Hair: little bones. Lovestruck (NEW GROUP GIFT)
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Sweater: Onigiri – Mostacho – green
Ring: ..:YoPulga:.. Mustache ring – Black (part of a set that also comes with a necklace)
Skirt: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Kawaii Micro-skirt – Sir
Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer Toeless (Slink Physique friendly)
Shoes: *CK* Haidi heels (for Slink high feet) (comes with HUD and many textures to choose from)

how many combos challenge – look no. 3

Hello all. Thank Glob it’s Friday! I am battling a bit of a cold but so far it hasn’t hampered my creative energy, although this is the first day, so who knows. Anywho I am back on track with the How many combos challenge, this time I am wearing the {N} Hoodie and shirt combo in brown. I paired it with the basic hot pink skirt from even.flow. I wore the Mizu mesh head from .tsg. along with the Raspberry Beret hair from ::Exile:: and for that LSE (little something extra) I threw in the heart glasses from ..::Beauty Killer::.. , the Legend of Mana necklace from [glow] studio that I snagged at the Dressing Room, some awesome Slink Physique friendly socks from MUKA which I paired with the gold T-bar pumps from Belgravia and finally the biggest heap of LSE, the adorable pocket grumpy cat and sassy cat companion, both from Birdy and earlier rounds of The Chapter Four. I love all things, Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce (yes I know her real name ❤ ) Anywho that’s it for now, hope you like. I might be back later, not sure yet but if not, see you later,same channel, different time, same grumpy cat-loving wackadoodle :3

♥grumpy cat combo huggies from Ema♥

How Many Combos Challenge – Look No. 3 is wearing:

Hair: ::Exile:: Raspberry Beret – Natural Fusion
Glasses: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Heart Shaped glasses – Transparent (comes with HUD)
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Necklace: [glow ] studio – Legend of Mana – Beige/gold (NEW) @ The Dressing Room
Pocket Pet: Birdy – Kitty – Grumpy cat – RARE (earlier Chapter Four item)
Hoodie + Shirt: {N} Hoodie & Shirt – Brown (texture shown on shirt is from add-on HUD)
Skirt: even.flow – Basic – Hot Pink
Socks: MUKA – Thigh Socks (come with HUD to work with any kind of Slink foot)
Shoes: Belgravia – T-Bar pumps – Gold (for Slink Medium feet)
Kitty: Birdy – Sassy Cat – B – Grumpy – RARE (earlier Chapter Four item)

Pose: HelaMiyo – Just Saying – pose 4

buttery muff

Hello all. Happy hump day! I got something to keep them fingers toasty courtesy of the always cute and talented Mama Toast of .:Buttery Toast:. and her toasty fingers muff which kept me cozy warm and got me into a wintry state of mind. I paired them with the Sophia coat and Furribon boots both from Bowtique, they both also come with a HUD so you can change the colour to your liking and the Naive hair from [INK], some snowy white yuletide leggings from [ abrasive ] and of course for that extra dose of cuteness the Mizu mesh head in vampy from .tsg. On a last note, as always when I wear fur, it’s always 100% faux fur, pixelated free of cruelty :3

♥buttery muff huggies from Ema♥

Buttery Muff is wearing:

Hair: [INK] Naive – Ginger (comes with HUD to change head scarf texture)
Eyes: AVELINE – Doll XL – Pink
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu head – Vampy
Scarf & Dress: Bowtique – Sophia Coat (comes with colour change HUD for both scarf and coat)
Muff: .:Buttery Toast:. Toasty Fingers (NEW)
Leggings: [ abrasive ] Snowy White Yuletide lengthy leggings (comes with Slink Physique appliers)
Shoes: Bowtique – Furribon boots (comes with HUD to change textures)

odette noir


Hello all. I am taking a brief detour from my how many combos challenge but I will get back to it. I have some swan-loving inspired darkness, the inspiration is drawn from one of my favorite ballets, Swan Lake and the adorable plushie swan from Sweet Thing that my lovely wifey, the Saxxxy beast gifted me. I complimented it with the Igraine dress in floral mauve from even.flow and the Isla hair from {ViVi} for that LSE I threw in the Andromeda crown from [Modern.Couture] , the Chakra tattoo from ::Axix:: and some lacy black gloves from .:Dark Cat:. That’s it for now. I might be back later but as always, no promises :3

♥odette huggies from Ema♥

Odette Noir is wearing:

Hair Accessory: [Modern.Couture] Andromeda crown
Hair: {ViVi} Isla
Eyes: Candy Mountain – My Dear eyes – Ice Blue
Lipstick: .random.Matter. Royalty – Cranberry
Skin: Essences – LouLou – Pale 01
Tattoo: ::Axix:: Chakra tattoo 02
Nails: alaskametro<3 – Vamp/Silver (for Slink hands only) 
Gloves: .:Dark Cat:. Gloves 02 (part of Gothic gloves pack)
Swan: Sweet Thing.  Dark Song of Swans – Elegant plushie (NEW) @ The Arcade
Dress: even.flow – Igraine – Floral Mauve


how many combos challenge – look no. 2

Hello all. I hope you are having a splendid Sunday. I got some owl-loving cuteness, what could be better? This is my second combo, once again using the {N} hoodie & shirt, this time in mint. I paired it with the Lucy shorts from Etinceler, some adorable Dara owl leg warmers from Nana that I snagged at Sucide Dollz. And for that LSE I threw in my feathery, snowy owl friend from ::BB:: I didn’t want to wake him for the pictures, as you can see he fell asleep with his glasses on, he’s quite the bookworm and was up all night reading Of Mice and Men. I tried to tell him that there were no actual mice in it but he could not be deterred. Also for that LSE (little something extra) I wore the sweet dreams kitty necklace from Lark and the gold bun-band from [whatever] which I paired with the Tied up hair from EPOQUE and of course my Mizu mesh head from .tsg. Well that’s it for now. I will continue this challenge for as long as I can until my well of inspiration runs dry. I may not do them all in rapid succession and may space them out but I am still aiming to do at least five different looks with the {N} hoodie & shirt. So wish me luck, until next time, owl see you later (giggles at my own bad pun)

♥owl combo huggies from Ema♥

Hair Accessory: [whatever] Bun-band – Beige – Gold
Hair: EPOQUE -Tied up – Heat
Eyes: Candy Mountain – Young eyes – Hazel
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – vampy tone
Necklace: Lark – Sweet Dreams kitty
Nails: alaskametro<3  – Pastels/Gold (only for Slink hands)
Glasses on Owl: MESHDOL = 7-Color nerd glasses
Owl: ::BB:: Arctic Friends – Snow Owl – Snow – RARE (previous Arcade item)
Hoodie & Shirt: {N} Hoodie + Shirt – Mint (texture from HUD that comes with hoodie)
Shorts: Etinceler – Lucy (comes with texture change HUD)
Legwarmers: Nana – Dara – Owls (NEW) @ Suicide Dollz
Shoes: CASHMERE – Stamped Pointed platforms – Terracotta (for Slink medium) (now known as David Heather)

how many combos challenge – look no. 1

Hello all. So I was thinking about how people, including myself, buy these clothes with so many awesome textures to choose from via HUD but they usually only wear it once or show only one or two textures. So I was thinking, why shouldn’t I try to use every texture I can within one item, use it in multiple blogs and see how many times I can challenge myself to mix it up with each texture, creating a whole new look but keeping that one item. Thus the How Many Combos Challenge was born. I cannot definitely say how many combos I’m going to make with the hoodie & top combo from {N} but it will be fun challenging myself and seeing what my wackadoodle mind can come up with, ideally I am trying for five but we shall see.

Anywho, on to the goodies I’m wearing. First I took the Xy hair from ~Tableau Vivant~ (told you I would be showing it eventually) which I snagged at the Arcade, paired it with my Mizu mesh head from .tsg. and some Vulcan ears from *Milk* I wore the hoodie and t-shirt from {N} along with the galaxy Oops! skirt from NINETY and the Cutie wellies from Fri.day. And for that LSE (little something extra) I wore the Look at Me devilish glasses from .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::., my sheer tights from Izzie’s (I know I wear these a lot but I love them and I love layers) , and finally my favorite and most nerdy part of the look, the WWPD, What Would Picard Do? mug from Sloppy Seconds. That’s it for now, all details are below. I’ll see you later, same hoodie, different combo :3

♥combo no. 1 huggies from Ema♥

How Many Combos Challenge – Look No. 1 is wearing:

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Xy – V+P11 (also comes with earmuffs) (NEW) @ The Arcade
Eyes: IKON – Lucid – Field
Glasses: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Look at Me – Devilish – B
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Ear accessories: *Milk* My Vulcan Ears – Red
Body: Slink – Physique
Mug: Sloppy Seconds – WWPD mug
Hoodie & Shirt: {N} Hoodie/shirt – Red & addon HUD (comes with own HUD as well)
Skirt: NINETY – Oops! Galaxy skirt
Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer tights (only for Slink Physique)
Boots: Fri.day – Cutie wellies – Red

ginger delights


Hello all. I am finishing this a bit later than I first intended to but better late than never, right? I got some cute gingerbread, hamster loving, christmassy goodness, there is a lot involved but I will just talk about my favorite bits from Woodland Treasures and the Arcade, first the too-cute-and-sweet-to-eat gingerbread playhouse created by the whimsically talented Mama Toast of .:Buttery Toast:. I was lucky enough as a blogger to receive the full gacha set, including the rare playhouse. You can find the delectable gingerbread people and house at Woodland Treasures, so get your butts there and grab some cuteness. I also had some help in the kitchen from some adorable hamsters who set to work mixing and rolling out dough, icing sweets and just lending many little furry hangs, it was truly a pleasure baking with Hammies. I snagged the little cuties at the Arcade courtesy of Mish Mish, so if you haven’t been to the Arcade, go go go and may the gacha odds be ever in your favour. Anywho going to let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves, hope you like, this blog really got me into a Christmas mood. I might be back later but no promises :3

♥gingery huggies from Ema♥

Ginger delights is wearing:

Hair accessory: Pure Dream – Hair ribbon – Red bandana
Hair: +Spellbound+ Snowberry – Reds
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy
Eyes: Candy Mountain – Young eyes – Brown
Jewelry: Bowtique – Strawberry necklace – Gold (part of Strawberry Shortcake set which also comes with two different versions of the necklace, earrings and a ring) / Luas – Kawaii Clock pendant – Huggies (part of set, edited colour a bit)
Sweater: MAG<3.B. Apple sweater
Tray: *MishMish* – Gingerbread tray (part of Baking with Hammies gacha set) (NEW) @ The Arcade
Pants: Tee*fy – Soft Wool Jersey leggings – Chocolate
Shoes: A*S – Mmm pumps (for Slink high feet)



Counter-top Decor items:

Gingerbread house, furniture & people: .:Buttery Toast:. Gingerbread Playhouse – RARE (NEW) Full set (gacha) @ Woodland Treasures
Hamsters: *MishMish*: Baking with Hammies – Hammie & Icing, Hammie & Gingerbread man, Hammie & Mixing Bowl, Hammie & Rolling pin, Flour Angel Hammie, Hammie & Cookbook, Hammie & Baking Powder (NEW) @ The Arcade
Angel Chimes: LAQ Decor – Angel chimes (NEW) (free gift)
Mug & Cookies: { vespertine } Delightful tray – Christmas
Cookie jar kitty: The Mint Condition – Scottish Fold – Cinnamon Cookies
Mice & gingerbread man: S&S – Holiday Pals – Nik & Nak – The Rat Pack (NEW) @ The Arcade
Cat on rug: StoraxTree – Feline Treasures – Naptime – Calico – Holiday
Yeti & gift: ::LeFay:: Yetis! Gifty (free gift) (NEW) @ Woodland Treasures
Snow globe: !!Follow Us!! Christmas tree snow globe


Wall & Cabinet decor items:

Plates: Alehandrita Design – Wall Art – Vintage Cats
Wreath: !!Follow Us!! Gingerbread wreath
Cards & Candle tins: LISP Bazaar – Christmas Cards & Tin Candles
Little houses: PILOT – Christmas Village 01 & 02 (previous arcade)
Hanging Cards: LISP Bazaar – Vintage Card Garland – V1
Herbs: Poche – Herbs set – Basil, Mint, Rosemary



Stove & Sink Area decor items:

Jam on Stove & Jam jars: Poche – Strawberry jam 1 & 2 (part of Strawberry pie set)
Tart under glass, flower & mat: Poche – Strawberry Tart of Spring – Blueberry (part of Strawberry Tart Sweet Spring Set)
Tray: *MishMish* Gingerbread tray (NEW) @ The Arcade
Hamsters: *MishMish* – Hammie & Oven mitt and Hammie & Berries (NEW) @ The Arcade
Teapot, cup, pancakes & jam jar: Poche – Apple pancakes tea set
Honey jar: Lark – Honey (previous arcade item)
Cat: (fd) Stretching cat (previous arcade item)


Tree & decor items:

Tree: !!Follow Us!! Ginger tree (comes with train, skirt & gifts underneath)
Gingerbread sleigh: !!Follow Us!! Holly cake
Giftboxes & Tins: LISP Bazaar – Extra Special Vintage Giftboxes
Kitten & Puppy: ISPACHI – Cherished Moments – Paws & Claws (RARE) (NEW) @ The Arcade

House & Furniture:
House & Furniture items: *~MMG’s~* Western Harmonized Style house, refrigerator, kitchen set, island griddle & cabinets

soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur :3

Hello all. Happy hump day! I have some goodies from The Arcade and { ViVi } and most importantly, cute kitties! First the adorable Xy earmuffs from the Arcade courtesy of Tableau Vivant (they come with a different hair, which you will see in a later post) included is a cute little furry friend all snuggled inside from the winter cold. I let my little ginger kitten snuggle in, her name is Annie and she even has a pair of earmuffs for herself. I paired her and the earmuffs with the beautiful Julie hair from { ViVi } and the Mizu mesh head from .tsg. (love this so much!) I snuggled up in the Woodland Wonderland Peacoat dress from The Foxes and matching boots, which was a gift from my wifey, the Saxxxy beast (thank you bunches) Finally for just a smidgen of LSE (little something extra) I threw in the Orange persian cat from .tsg. She adopted Annie the orphan Tablea Vivant kitty and became Mama Warbucks in feline form and finally an old rose brooch from A Stitch in Time Victorian Emporium. That’s it for now. Also on a last note, the fur that lines my dress is 100% faux fur, so don’t hate me because I would never glorify wearing genuine fur in a game or otherwise. I love my furry friends too much. I’ll be back later with Suicide Dollz goodies, stay tuned, same station, different time, same cat loving ginger wackadoodle :3

♥soft kitty huggies from Ema♥

Earmuffs: ~Tableau Vivant~ Xy – Ginger kitty (comes with hair as well) (NEW) @ The Arcade
Hair: { ViVi } Julie
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Eyes: Candy Mountain – My Dear – Hazel
Brooch: A Stitch in Time Victorian Emporium – Antique Rose Cameo neck brooch
Body: Slink – Physique
Cat: .tsg. Persian kitty – Orange (previous TAG gacha item) 
Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer tights (for Slink Physique only)
Dress & Boots: The Foxes – Woodland Wonderland – Peacoat Dress & Boots – Mustard (NEW) @ The Arcade 


Hello all. I hope your week is off to a great start! I got some sultry elegance from { ViVi } to show you, the Devilin dress which I wore with my Slink Physique body, the dress come with a universal appliers HUD to cater to just about any mesh body or attachments. It made me feel like a red vixen and for that LSE (little something extra) I threw in the face mask from !NFINITY, the Shreveport date night makeup from +>A&A<+ and the net gloves from S.L.A.D. Finally to finish the ensemble I wore the Harper skin in Light Rose from Essences, the Sachi updo from [taketomi] and the Nevermore heels from lassitude & ennui. That’s it for now, stay tuned because I got some goodies from The Arcade coming up soon :3

♥devilin huggies from Ema♥

Devilin is wearing:

Hair: [taketomi] Sachi – Reds
Headband & Veil: !NFINITY – Face V2
Eyes: IKON – Promise – Moor – Medium
Makeup: +>A&A<+ Shreveport Date night
Skin: Essences – Harper – Light Rose
Body: Slink – Physique
Bracelet: *BOOM* Briar Rose – Titanium
Gloves: S.L.A.D – Net gloves (for Slink hands only)
Dress: { ViVi } Devilin – Webbed Lace – Red (comes with Universal applier HUD)
Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer tights – Basic (for Slink Physique only)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Nevermore heels – Black

Pose: Label Motion – Blair set – Pose 2

cuppa calm <3

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a blissful Sunday. I got some goodies from ::BAD:: and the Geeks’N’Nerds Fair. First the goodies from ::BAD:: I love the kooky Poppin peepers and Calm Your Clam sweater. I paired them with Hair 51 from Eaters Coma and for that LSE the Mizu mesh head from .tsg. (I’m in love with this head) , the Super tights from ~Cannibelle~ that I snagged at the Geeks’N’Nerds Fair (you will be seeing them again) I paired them with the Spencer wedges in teal from Noodles and finally for a big heaping helping of LSE (little something extra) I sat in a nice steaming cup of tea from **Hi Calo** Because what’s more calming than a cuppa tea? Nothing in my opinion :3 Anywho that’s it for now, on a last note. I am entering this post in a contest for Bad Apples, so wish me bunches of luck ❤

♥calm huggies from Ema♥

Cuppa Calm is wearing:

Glasses: ::BAD:: Poppin Peepers – Black
Hat & Hair: Eaters Coma – Hair 51 – Light pink
Head & Skin: .tsg. Misu mesh head – Vampy tone
Sweater: ::BAD:: Calm Your Clam (comes with HUD to change colour of letters)
Skirt: NINETY – You Belong with Me – Bluey
Tights: ~Cannibelle~ Super tights – Princess (NEW) @ Geeks’N’Nerds Fair
Shoes: Noodles – Spencer wedges – Teal

Teacup prop: **Hi Calo** Teacup (comes as set with strawberry shortcake)

please stand by…

Hello all. I got one more blog for you and then I’m going to rest my noggin and play in a toboggan (not really, just wanted to rhyme, we totally don’t get toboggan weather where I am @__@ ) Anywho I got an awesome item from *Tori-tastic* the Mind Control TV which was pretty much the item I built my whole ensemble around. I scooped it up a gacha with other TVS that you can get at the The Silly Seven Celebration, along with other goodies most for only 77L. I paired it with the Alicia 2 hair from .:{Rumina}:. and LouLou skin from Essences in Pale 01 and the Butterfly Couture from .::ChicZafari::. and for that LSE (little something extra) I threw in the Bionic arms from Tasty Pudding, the Droid eyes in steel from *Eden* and the Mika Comet eye patch from Nana, along with some others bits, details are below, see you later gator :3

Please Stand By is wearing:

TV: *Tori-Tastic* Mind Control TV – Soulless (NEW) @ The Silly Seven Celebration
Hair: .:{Rumina}:. Alicia 2 – Red Ombres / Demitra hairbase
Eyes: *Eden* Droid – Steel
Eye Patch: Nana – Mika Comet
Skin: Essences – LouLou – Pale 01
Makeup: MONS – Popstar eyeshadow – Silver
Choker: Corvus – Mesh red choker
Arms: Tasty Pudding – Bionic arms
Dress: .::ChicZafari::. Butterfly Couture gown – Amore

must love cats :3

Hello all. I’m going to keep this short since I am working on another blog as well. basically this blog is inspired by my love of cats :3 Hope you like, details are below.

♥cat loving huggies♥

Must Love Cats is wearing:

Bow: RO – Briar – White
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Marise – Reds
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu mesh head – Vampy tone
Sweater & Top: >M3L< Cat Sweater & top (comes with texture change HUD)
Pants: [hh] Dina Bow pants (comes with texture change HUD)
Shoes: EMPORIUM – Gabi flats (comes with texture change HUD)

(fd) Lazy sitting cat & Stretching cat (previous Arcade items)

wind painter

Hello all. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and are still nomming on some yummy leftovers. I was feeling a bit artsy and found an amazingly avant-garde store, AZOURY which pretty much inspired this look. First I took the Rain hair from Exile (previous Arcade item) to give me that wind blown look, paired it with the Mizu mesh head from .tsg. and the Rokoray watercolour dress from The Secret Store and for that LSE (little something extra) I threw in the Chapi Chapo hat in black, the melt tights from Mad Echo and finally the gorgeous colorful paper shoes from AZOURY. That’s it for now. I might return later but no promises :3

♥wind painter huggies from Ema♥

Wind Painter is wearing:

Hat: AZOURY – Chapi Chapo – Black
Hair: Exile – Rain – Reds (previous Arcade item)
Head & Skin: .tsg. Mizu Mesh head – Vampy tone
Dress: The Secret Store – Rokoray – Watercolour dress
Tights: Mad Echo – Melt tights – Slime
Stockings: [77] Silk stockings – Black
Shoes: AZOURY – Paper shoes – Colourful (NEW) 

Location: Done Wiv a Twist Estate

oh oh it’s magic

Hello all. I got two Kemono and M3 friendly looks and some more magical potiony goodness from .:Buttery Toast:. available at the Geeks’n’Nerds fair. The first lookwas inspired by good magic and the power of cuteness. First I took the Hope hair from -LaViere- paired with the M3 Head and Kemono body from and the Hanako pale skin mod from .:POMF:.. I threw in the maid dress from Puppy (comes with HUD) and for that LSE (little something extra) I wore the kawaii kitty bow from SugarNova, the Creep angel style legwarmers and garters from Krankhaus and a cute fluffy tail (comes with the Kemono body) And last but not least my mouthie potion from .:Buttery Toast:. which emanates with the power of love which is the most powerful spell of all :3

For my second look I went to the dark side and dark magics. First I took the Zommie bob hair from Candy Mountain ( I know I wore this before. I am a total fashion offender when it comes to rewearing stuffs) I paired it with my M3 head and Kemono body and the Sweet Little Vampire dark skin mod from ~utat~ I threw in the Cropped Hoodie from Krankhaus, the Bodycon skirt from [Little Kitten] and the Checkered high top sneakers from [BI] And for that LSE I added the fangs from NI.JU (so I can bite people, because what’s a magic vamp without teeth?) , the Jaimy gloves from R3volt and finally the water breathing potion from .:Buttery Toast:. so I can delve the deepest seas and sink my fangs into mermaids and such :3 Well that’s it for now, if you haven’t checked out the Geeks’n’Nerds fair, please do, don’t miss out on the nerdiness! Until next time, have a magical night ❤

♥magic huggies♥

Good Magic:

Bow: SugarNova – Kawaii Kitty bow – White
Hair: -LaViere- Hope
Head & Body: <UTILIZATOR> M3 head & Kemono body
Mouthie: .:Buttery Toast:. Potion – Love (comes with HUD to change potion) (NEW) @ Geeks’n’Nerds Fair
Skin: .:POMF:. – Hanako mod – Pale (for M3 head and Kemono body) 
Dress: Puppy – Maid dress (only for Kemono body) 
Garter & Legwarmers: Krankhaus – Creep – Angel
Tail: <UTILIZATOR> Kemono tail

Left: R.icielli – Editorial 2 – Pose 1
Middle: Label Motion – Special Set # 1 (NEW) @ The Dressing Room
Right: (part of Avatars Photography lightbox)

Bad Magic:

Hair: Candy Mountain – Zommbie bob – Steal
Head & Body: <UTILIZATOR> M3 head & Kemono body
Fangs: [NI.JU] – Fangs (free gift)
Necklace: .:Buttery Toast:. Potion – Water Breathing (comes with HUD to change potion) (NEW) @ Geeks’n’Nerds Fair
Hoodie: Krankhaus – Cropped hoodie – Black/Red cross (only for Kemono body)
Gloves: R3volt – Jaimy (comes with HUD)
Skirt: [Little Kitten] Bodycon – Blue (only for Kemono body)
Shoes: [BI] UTI Checkered high top sneakers – Red

Left: -no wow- [tomato based] buta style
Middle: .:Still Life:. easter.sunday invasion – Slushy guts
Right: oOo Studio – Creature